Terms of Use

Greetings to all, we are from Ukraine!

These Terms of Use define the conditions and obligations/restrictions to be observed by the user when using the website: https://stopdonaterussia.com (hereinafter referred to as the website, the service) .

How does it work

The website algorithms (sending search queries, data processing, systematization, etc.) involve solely the use of data from open sources (open data) and exclude interference with other websites, services, software, etc. The service exclusively analyzes the data available in open sources for specific software use.

Proper functioning

The website and its individual functions are deemed to work properly and appropriately as perceived and experienced by the user, and should not meet anyone's expectations (including in comparison to other services with similar functions). The owner of the website does not bear any responsibility related to its "inappropriate" performance as judged by the user.

Licensing Terms

The user is granted a non exclusive and revocable license without the right to sublicensing and using the obtained results for noncommercial purposes.

Terms of Use of the service results

The results of the service shall be used by the user at his/her discretion. The website owner shall not be charged in any way for his/her actions and shall not be held liable in case of a legal dispute or a claim.

The service results shall mean the response the user gets as a result of sending a request with a certain URL for using or dealing with a russia-related service.

User Obligations

By using the service, the user undertakes:

  • Not to interfere with the service in any way;
  • Not to connect or attempt to connect third-party software or other services to the service;
  • Not to perform DoS/DDoS attacks and in no way encourage third parties to do so;
  • Not to create copies (mirrors) of the website and/or its individual elements;
  • To use the service only as intended.

Rights to the website and its individual elements

All rights to the website/service and its individual elements belong exclusively to the website owner and shall not be transferred to the user.

Final provisions

By using this service, the user automatically agrees and undertakes to comply with these Terms of Use. Additional authorization and/orTerms of Use acknowledgment is not required. The user is considered to be familiar with these Terms from the moment of entering the website.

The website owner may change its content and functionality, as well as the Terms of Use at any time, subject to the user's express and unconditional consent.