Don't fund the russian invasion!
Don't pay the invader!
Spend wisely!
Check website!
Not a penny into the invader's budget!
Don't be a sponsor of the war!
What a shame!

Checkyour websiteforrussian services

sites scanned

Scan websites for Russian services. Share the results to raise awareness and end the funding of war crimes.

Don't invest in invader 🇷🇺!

Our Goal: Defend Ukraine!

Identify websites that are using Russian owned web services - internet marketing companies, chatbot companies, analytic services, etc.
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Raise awareness to company owners, employees, and other consumers that a website is using Russian owned web services and are therefore funding war crimes.
Don't pay the invader!

Civil society wields tremendous power!

Imposed sanctions and mass boycotting will result in a significant reduction in the budget of the Russian war machine. Every ruble paid as Russian taxes funds the manufacture of weapons that kill Ukrainian children.